Every journey...

...can provide memories for a lifetime. We all want to make sure to remember those small details later in life. Here are just a few things you might want to document on your future adventures:

The perfect solution

You found that right mix of roads making a perfect route. Don't forget those road names. Write it down and be able to explore them again later.

Remember the weather

That surprise torrential rain. The unbelievable clear skies and hot sunshine. Document the weather; you'll remember other things on those days much easier.

Where you've been

The views. The excursions. What was behind that curve in the road or is hidden up in those mountains. The name of that motel with the super plush mattress.

Good food, cute servers, mean tourists

That awesome filet. The lousy coffee. That cute clerk. The midnight snack you had while you watched the meteor shower out in the desert. Record it all.

The other money buckets

Track even those expenses that do not provide fun to the journey. Fuel, tolls, maintenance needs, repairs. Carnets, visas, and other travel must haves.

Gifts and souvenirs

Those gifts we get others...and ourselves. All of our single-journey logbooks remind you to make a list so you don't forget that hard to find peanut brittle.

How Journey Logbook can help

You've been on the asphalt or dirt all day...and found the perfect road. At a gas stop, you met somebody interesting and they provided their contact information so you could reach out to them again later after returning home. That restaurant on the third evening of the adventure served the best chardonnay and you want to make sure to order a few bottles later from the comfort of your recliner. As you leave your home to start your trip, you decide to track all expenditures, but need a simple way to do just that.

Journey Logbook makes things easy. Very easy. Too easy. Did we say it was easy? You will not forget the important components about your journey in the future because our Adventure Journals provide a very easy to use interface for documenting the things you will want to remember once the journey is over.

We make things simple. We provide the reminders. Write down what you believe to be important. The places that you want to visit again. The cost of that dinner next to the bay. Where you found that person with the great smile. The names of those roads that led to the view of a lifetime.

Great adventures. Easy to use journals. No rules. Document the journey your way.

Percentage of those who want to remember their journey


Those that search for a better way of documenting their adventures


Chance of remembering the contact info of a person met six hours ago


Those that can later recall every place stopped at on a trip of two weeks


The percentage of made up statistics on product sales websites


How much Journey Logbook helps you remember the memories

100%+ (simply immeasurable)

Your memories.

The sights (and sites). The sounds. The aromas. The people. The scenery. The wildlife.

No matter whether you are riding, driving, hiking, cruising, walking, RVing, flying, ballooning, parachuting, bicycling, touring, running, spelunking or however you choose your exploring; we have your journaling needs covered.

Experience it. Then document it.

Your logbooks.

Relive the adventure again and again.

We make it easy to document your trip...your adventure...your journey...the way that you want. There is no right or wrong way. There's only YOUR way. We lay out the pathways; you create your own personalized story.

More than one person going on the adventure? Give each person in the group their own logbook and let them create their own unique journal of the same adventure they can disclose to the group later. You'll be surprised with each person's saved memories of the same journey. If they choose to share, that is.


Your own thoughts...not ours

We provide the reminders; you provide the unique content to be saved for the remembrance

JUST 6" X 9"

Big memories in a small footprint

Easily fits in a pannier, glove box, or backpack to be readily available when you want it


Simple and easy to use

Our coil bindings allow lay-flat writing; the perfect design to use even in a sleeping bag

Journey Logbook Products

Select the available journal(s) below that best suits your adventure documenting needs. These make great gifts too!


- Single Journey -

  • One journey up to one week

  • $8/plus S&H


- Single Journey -

  • One journey up to one month

  • $14/plus S&H

100 Single-Day Trips

- Multiple Journeys -

  • Document one-hundred different single-day adventures

  • $26/plus S&H

52 Weekend Trips

- Multiple Journeys -

  • Document fifty-two different weekend adventures

  • $20/plus S&H

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